The changing of the calendar from one year to the next always comes with intentions and resolutions, reflections and proclamations. One fairly recent trend is the selection of a “word of the year.” Yesterday as I was scrolling through Facebook, I came across a post that asked people to choose a word for 2020 that began with the first letter of their name. “Available” popped into my head immediately.

If I had sat down to consider a word-of-the-year for myself, I don’t think AVAILABLE would have been on my radar. I might have chosen JOY or SERENITY or FAMILY or GROWTH. But God gave me AVAILABLE by handing it to me before I had a chance to overthink it.

And you know what? I love it. To me, this word is inspired. It asks me to be:

AVAILABLE to whatever God would ask of me this year.

AVAILABLE to my family, willing to set aside social media or television or chores to be present, to really listen without distraction and without trying to think ahead to my response.

AVAILABLE to people in need, giving my time in service where and in what form needed.

AVAILABLE to myself, to take the time I need to remain centered, rested, inspired, and healthy.

So AVAILABLE doesn’t become simply a year-end blog post, a sentiment lost by mid-January, I’m going to write the word down and post it in several places to give me daily reminders that God is asking me to AVAILABLE in this new year.

Do you choose a word of the year? What word is speaking to you this year?


One thought on “Available.

  1. I did choose—and mine was “mindful,” but I am having trouble working with a word that long in visuals. So I like “focus” for impact. Still deciding!
    As for a “j” word, I guess I would have to go with “joy.” “Jealously” is just too dark, and “jelly” too silly! Happy New Year!


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